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Thanks for a great Igloo Season!
Igloo dining closes March 30, 2024!
Reservations open for the 2024-2025 winter season on October 1, 2024! 


Wausau’s #1 Igloo experience! Our Igloos provide an incredible winter outdoor dining experience overlooking Granite Peak Ski Area! 


Learn all about our Igloos by reading the frequently asked questions below! 

We look forward to seeing you!


  • How many can fit in a Igloo?
    Each Igloo fits up to 8 guests.
  • How long can we stay in the Igloo?
    Each Igloo reservation is 90 minutes. The reservation time starts and ends according to reservation time; regardless of what time you get IN the Igloo. If you're late, that's a bummer. We really don't like to be this rigid, but we've got sanitizing to do and the following Igloo guests to keep happy (that could be you next time).
  • How much is the deposit?
    The deposit is $100. This is required at the time of booking; your card will be charged the day you make the reservation. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Please read our cancellation policy for further details. The $100 deposit will come off your bill the night of your reservation. Booking Fee is non-refundable. **New Years Eve deposit - $150.
  • How do I make a reservation?
    Please use our online booking system to make Igloo reservations.
  • How long does an Igloo reservation last?
    Igloos are reserved for 90 minutes. Please arrive at the restaurant 10-15 minutes before your reservation so we can seat the group together to keep the Igloo warmer and maximize your experience. Late arrivals for reservations will not extend the time of the original reservation.
  • What are the Food & Beverages minimums?
    Each Igloo has a food & beverage minimum regardless of party size. Smaller groups do not pay less, you just get to eat and drink more. Food and Beverage Minimums (Groups 6 & less) $150 minimum. (Groups of 7) $200 minimum. (Groups of 8) $250 minimum. **New Years Eve is excluded.** New Years Eve minimums - (Groups of 6 & less) $200 minimum. (Groups of 7) $250 minimum. (Groups of 8) $300 minimum.
  • Will I be warm enough?
    The Igloos have heaters but this is Wisconsin and the Igloos are outside. Please dress warmly and feel free to bring your own blanket. We ask you to please not move the heaters. You may be liable for damage to the Igloo shell if furniture or heaters are rearranged in a manner causing damage. If you need something moved or adjusted please ask one of your Igloo servers.
  • What if the weather is really bad?
    If our management team deems the weather is too dangerous for guests and staff due to extreme cold, ice, or snow conditions, we may need to cancel your reservation. We will notify you via email and/or cell phone to give you an option to reschedule. We will try to give you as much advance notice as possible but reserve the right to cancel without notice to ensure our staff and guests’ safety. Any reservation cancelled by the restaurant will not be charged any cancellation fees.
  • What if the Igloo gets damaged?
    The Igloos are designed to withstand 45+mph winds & 100 pounds of snow. Therefore, they have a strong structure, however they can be damaged, punctured, and melted. We ask you to be careful moving in and out of the Igloos and while you are in the Igloos. Domes will be inspected during cleaning after each reservation And a fee may be charged if there is damage.
  • What about music?
    Igloos are equipped with a wireless speaker available for guest use. You are welcome to play your own music as long as it does not interfere with another Igloos experience.
  • What is the deposit for and how do I cancel if I have to?
    Life happens. The deposit holds the reservation. On the day of the reservation the deposit will apply as a check reduction. You can cancel your reservation 7 days prior to your reservation and we will refund you in the form of a Carmelo‘s Gfit Card; mailed to you. Simply call us 7 days prior to your reservation. Less than 7 days cancellation policy: 3 - 7 days before reservation - $70 gift card 24 - 72 hours before reservation - $40 gift card Less than 24 hours before reservation - No refund.
  • Is there an age limit for the Igloos?
    We don‘t recommend children under 10 in the Igloos. We understand the Igloo can be a magical experience for children and a way for families to dine out in a more private area. Please just keep in mind - We ask children to remain seated; for their safety and the safety of our servers. Any damage to the Igloo will be charged to you.
  • Where should we go when we arrive?
    Please enter through the front doors at Carmelo’s. Our host will meet your party indoors and when your entire party arrives, escort you to your Igloo. We ask that your party arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in, use the restroom and get any beverages from the bar you’d like to start with. This will give you more quality time in your Igloo and also limit the number of times the door to your Igloo opens Thus keeping you warmer! We encourage you to purchase food and beverages in advance of your reservation so that our staff may have your Igloo prepared for you.
  • What happens if our party is late?
    We cannot extend or change the time of your reservation. If your party shows up for example an hour late, your reservation would be for the remaining 30 minutes. Partial refunds will not be issued.
  • Is smoking allowed in the Igloos?
    Absolutely not. It is prohibited by Wisconsin law. Any guest found smoking or vaping will be asked to leave immediately along with their entire party, with no refund granted. Smoking/vaping is also not allowed on the patio outside your Igloo. Please head to the front of the building to smoke.
  • Are pets allowed in the Igloos?
    Pets are not allowed in the Igloos.
  • What happens if we damage the Igloo?
    The Igloos can be damaged by impact, heat or puncture. We ask that you take precaution when moving in the Igloos and refrain from touching the walls or structure. The Igloos are inspected and cleaned/ sanitized after every party; a damage fee may be added should any evidence of damage be found after your visit.
  • What’s the restroom situation?
    All Carmelo’s Igloo guests are welcome to use the indoor restroom. We’d recommend using the facilities before going to your Igloo to avoid unnecessary opening of the Igloo door.
  • 90 minutes isn’t long enough. How do I book more time in an Igloo?
    Our seating times are set so that our team has ample time to clean and sanitize each Igloo between reservations. If you are interested in booking an additional slot you are welcome to book 2 consecutive reservations. (EX: 4:30 & 6:30). This will increase your 90 minutes to 210 minutes. Keep in mind… you will need to put a $200 deposit down and will have double minimum spend requirements.
  • Can I host a private event in the Igloo?
    Every reservation is a private event in the Igloos at Carmelo’s! However, if you've got a special occasion; birthday, anniversary, engagement, etc. our event coordinator would happy to discuss options with you. Please note the following guidelines before reaching out to him: The Igloos cannot be moved. At all. We can't put them together or rotate them in any way. Guests cannot "jump" between the Igloos, space is tight and this creates traffic and temperature issues that would interfere with enjoying the Carmelo’s Igloo experience.
  • Can I use a Carmelo’s Gift Card to pay?
    Any additional food or beverage items you purchase after your arrival can be paid for with a Carmelo’s Gift Card, but unfortunately, gift cards are not accepted for the online reservation system. If you have a gift card and would like to use it for your Igloo reservation you'll need to call to book your Igloo reservation.
  • I have more questions… Who do I contact?
    Please email or call Lucas with any additional questions. (715)845-5570 LOLIVA@ICLOUD.COM
  • Can we bring our own food and drink?
    No. There are NO CARRY-INS of food or beverage. All food and beverages must be purchased at Carmelo’s. Those caught carrying in alcohol will be asked to leave with no refund granted. This is a Wisconsin state law that if broken, puts our liquor license in jeopardy. Please just don‘t.
  • Are there servers to get more food and drinks from?
    Our Igloos have 2 servers each. They will try to check on you as often as possible But in order to keep the heat inside we like to limit the number of times we open your Igloo door. Each Igloo is also equipped with a call button; simply hit the call button and one of your servers will be out as soon as they can. Please don’t hesitate to hit the call button for anything, that’s why it’s there! Even if you just miss your server and want to say hi!
  • What is the Cancellation Policy?
    Cancellations must be made at least 7 days in advance. Cancellation 4-7 days will incur a $30 fee. Cancellation within 3 days will incur a $60 fee. Cancellation within 24 hours will forfeit entire deposit. Igloo deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. If canceled more then 7 days in advance a gift card will be given with deposit amount that can be used at the restaurant anytime.
  • Will the Igloos close for inclement weather?
    In the case of extreme cold, blizzard, or dangerous icy conditions we may need to cancel reservations to ensure safety and your comfort level. In these cases you will be notified via email and/ or cell phone about an option to reschedule your booking or receive a complete refund.
  • The weather is bad and we can’t make it, now what?
    In the case of extreme weather; if the management team has decided to keep the Igloos open but you don’t want to go out in the weather, we will let you reschedule your reservation. Refunds will not be given if the Igloos are still open; just the option to reschedule . This option is only available during extreme weather & at managements discretion.
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